The Company was incorporated in the year 1960 under the name and style of ORIENT PROPERTIES PRIVATE LIMITED and till the year 1970, the main object of the Company was construction of Commercial Complexes and dealing in REAL ESTATE business.

In the year 1971, the Company steps into a PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY and diversified its business by set up a SOFT DRINKS BOTTLING PLANT at Patna in Bihar and subsequently the name of the company was changed to ORIENT BEVERAGES LIMITED.

In the year 1973 the Company starts its commercial production under the franchise agreement with M/s. Parle Exports Limited with Parle’s brand i.e. GOLD SPOT, LIMCA, THUMPS UP, CITRA and BISLERI CLUB SODA.

In the year 1993, COCA-COLA INDIA LIMITED took over the business operation from M/s. Parle Exports Limited and as such the Company became the bottler and franchisee of M/S. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED.

In the year 1997 M/S. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED decided to acquire the bottling plant of the Company under the policy to have "Company owned Bottling Plant" and as such, on 3rd September 1998 the bottling plant of the Company was taken over by M/s. Bharat Coca Cola Bottling North East Private Limited, a subsidiary of M/s. COCA COLA INDIA LIMITED. Thereafter, the Company engaged itself in its original activities of REAL ESTATE business.

In the year 2005, the Company under the leadership of its Chairman SHRI N. K. PODDAR, set up its own plant for manufacturing and marketing of packaged drinking water of BISLERI (a pioneer of PACKAGED DRINKING WATER) in Kolkata under the franchisee agreement with M/s. BISLERI INTERNATIONAL PRIVATE LIMITED.


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